Intuitive and beautiful design is what we’re all about. User-friendly websites are what we create. And to take it one step further, we make owner-friendly websites. We use advanced PHP programming so you don’t have to. Mix in a little XML, and you’re on your way to a webpage that's easy to update and manage. Or if you’re really looking for something big and full featured, we can help get you set up with a content management system (CMS) to blog, organize online publications, and start a forum. Then you can take the reins – we’ll always be an email or phone call away if things get dicey.

Here are a few projects we’ve worked on recently. We have a couple of projects we’re finishing up, so check back soon with updates on our latest projects


Screenshot of truecolorsforteens.com bracket

Wings Seminars recently asked us to create a separate website for their series of seminars geared towards teens @ truecolorsforteens.com. We gave them a fresh looking site that fits in with the feel of their flagship site. We added some light javascript flourishes to give it a strong contemporary feel.


Screenshot of krisking.com bracket

Kris King, owner and CEO of Wings Seminars wanted a personal website to attract clients, inform people of her upcoming schedule and promote her new book My Heart Has Wings. We designed a vibrant website with:

  • » a calander driven by PHP and XML that's easy to update in any text editor.
  • » an order page for her new book.

Music library project

Screenshot of wings-seminars.com bracket

Wings Seminars wanted a way for seminar participants to purchase seminar music through their webpage. We:

  • » created links using their iTunes Affiliates and Amazon Associates accounts, allowing them to earn a return on purchases made through their site
  • » used PHP and XML to sort and organize the music by seminar

Endorsement project

Screenshot of endorsement fader bracket

On another project for Wings Seminars, we utilized Javascript, PHP and XML again to show endorsements for their company in an elegant and dynamic fashion. You can see examples of our endorsement faders on their homepage, as well as several of their seminar pages.


Screenshot of tierastclaire.com bracket

Tiera St. Claire was looking for an exciting way to reach out to clients. We created a site that not only showcases her many talents, but also:

  • » integrates with her Google Blogger account
  • » uses a creative menu, driven by gracefully degradable javascript
  • » highlights her travel photos in an elegant and fun flash gallery