z.bru studios is currently home to Zach McCorkhill, web designer extraordinaire, and his network of friends that make things happen on the web. We’ve made a cozy home for ourselves doing web design in Corvallis, Oregon and we’re happy to have clients from all over.

From small, creative web design projects (‘I just want to add one of those email-list-sign-up-splash-things to my homepage’) to large-scale professional web design (‘We need a page for our systematic takeover of the paperclip industry’), we’re here to help.

We love making things work well. We employ PHP, Javascript frameworks like jQuery, search engine optimization (SEO) and superb graphic design to create robust, user-enjoyable websites.

And maybe you want in on some of the fun. We love to collaborate, and we offer instruction and training in WordPress, PHP, and Photoshop. We can help get your site up and running, and give you the tools to keep it going.

Send us a note about what you’re looking for, and let’s start creating your favorite website ever.